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Journey To Optimal Health

Ibero Fruity Smoothie

Try to have at least a glass of organic green smoothie a day to rejuvenate your cells daily!

The Green Pumpkin

This organic Green Smoothie is called, The Green Pumpkin. This smoothie is fantastic to use as a nice low caloric snack or for a holiday party dessert.

Papaya Passion” Smoothie

If you didn’t know the benefits of Papaya, after watching this video, you’ll be well informed. Papaya has a myriad of nutrients that span from helping eliminate internal parasites, to improving our eyesight.

CoCo – A – GoGo” Smoothie

The “CoCo – A – GoGo” Smoothie will surely recharge your internal battery. The featured ingredient is Coconut Water.

o Carioca” Smoothie

What more can I say about Açaí. It’s an UNBELIEVABLE super fruit. It is a staple in the Brazilian diet and we clearly see how great the Brazilians look.

The Commander In Chief

We are ALL Commander In Chiefs of our own bodies. Therefore, if we aren’t happy with how we look and feel right NOW…it’s because of what we put into our bodies BEFORE.

The Valeu” Smoothie

Make sure to drink at least a glass of organic green smoothie everyday!

o Paulista” Smoothie

A Paulista is a person that is from the wonderful city of Sao Paulo, Brasil. This week’s Smoothie features an exotic fruit known as Starfruit. Starfruit is sweet and filled with antioxidants and fiber.

Lost in Rio” Smoothie

It’s very easy to get lost in the splendors of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. So you might as well have a Green Smoothie while your at it.

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