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Journey To Optimal Health

Feel This Smoothie” Smoothie

Introducing one of the youngest and coolest STARS of The Green Regimen, Crystal Le.

The Trick OR Treat

The Trick is…upon drinking this organic green smoothie you’ll swear that it’s loaded with a lot of Calories and Sugar because it’s so Sweet.

The Berry Blast

We are really BOOSTING up our Antioxidant intake with The Berry Blast Smoothie.

The Blueberry Blast” Smoothie

This smoothie if full of fiber and antioxidants. Make sure to drink at least a glass of organic green smoothie for best results!

The Green Bubbly

The Green Bubbly features the Pomegranate. The fluid like sacs that surround the seeds of the Pomegranate are called Arils.

The Grinch

“The Grinch” Smoothie features healthy ingredients such as Coconut Milk, Mint Leaves, various medicinal spices and Spinach.

The Star Friends” Smoothie

Make sure for your next vacation you plan a trip to Iberostar Grand Paraiso Cancun, Mexico.

Cutie Smoothie

Next time you are overwhelmed with an intense Sugar Craving, make the Cutie Smoothie. This recipe will assist in ending your Sugar Craving while providing you with a delicious and healthy alternative.

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