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Journey To Optimal Health


Here’s the ideal organic green smoothie that will help you stay fit and lean. Enjoy!

The K.I.S.S.

This is a delicious and simple Green Smoothie recipe that you can prepare in under 10 minutes. Drink this organic green smoothie between meals. Serves as a tasty and refreshing snack.

o Baiano Verde” Smoothie

Acai may just be my most favorite food on Earth. It’s filled with antioxidants and it tastes so DELICIOUS. o Baiano Verde means, The Green Baiano.

The Best Kept Secret

This organic green smoothie is called, The Best Kept Secret. Our Smoothies are progressively getting Stronger each week, but have no fear, because so is your palate.

The Green Goodness

The Green Goodness is the epitome of an organic Green Smoothie. We are using Dandelion Greens as our Green for this week’s smoothie.

Pasion Verde” Smoothie

To have a healthier body, why don’t you add a glass of organic green smoothie to your daily regimen? It’s highly recommended!

Garota de Ipanema” Smoothie

Make sure to drink at least a glass of organic green smoothie daily, to achieve the body you’ve always wanted!

Mamey Smoothie

Make it a point to have glass of green smoothie daily. make sure to pick organic ingredients for your smoothie for best results!

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