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What is Elite Protein?

[showhide type=”b1″ more_text= ” + ” less_text= ” – “]Elite Protein is the most delicious USDA Certified Organic, Plant-based Protein Shake and Meal Replacement Drink on the market. It’s made from the highest quality organic ingredients and it’s certified gluten-free, wheat-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and of course vegan.  Elite Protein is an excellent plant-based protein powder made especially for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, weight-conscious, active adults, supermoms and even workaholics who dream of having a fit and healthy physique. [/showhide]

What’s in Elite Protein?

[showhide type=”b2″ more_text= ” + ” less_text= ” – “]Elite Protein is made up of organic, high-quality ingredients such as Pea Protein, Hemp Protein, Brown Rice Protein, Coconut Water, Chia Seed, Spirulina , maca and a host of other incredible ingredients. [/showhide]

Who can drink Elite Protein?

[showhide type=”b3″ more_text= ” + ” less_text= ” – “]Elite Protein is an excellent protein supplement for health buffs, vegans, fitness enthusiasts, newbies, supermoms, workaholics, those who are weight conscious and everyone who is interested in pursuing health, fitness and wellness. [/showhide]

Can Elite Protein be used as Meal Replacement?

[showhide type=”b4″ more_text= ” + ” less_text= ” – “]Elite Protein would make an excellent meal replacement.   Elite Protein contains a plethora of  vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and antioxidants! [/showhide]

Is Elite Protein vegan?

[showhide type=”b5″ more_text= ” + ” less_text= ” – “]Elite Protein is USDA Certified Organic, 100% plant-based and definitely vegan! [/showhide]

Should Elite Protein be refrigerated?

[showhide type=”b6″ more_text= ” + ” less_text= ” – “]Your bottle of Elite Protein doesn’t require refrigeration. Store it in a cool, dry place. [/showhide]

Are there preservatives, artificial coloring and sweeteners in Elite Protein?

[showhide type=”b7″ more_text= ” + ” less_text= ” – “]Elite Protein does not contain any preservatives, artificial flavor or sweeteners. It’s made with 100% natural ingredients. [/showhide]

How can I use Elite Protein for weight loss?

[showhide type=”b8″ more_text= ” + ” less_text= ” – “]Elite Protein also functions as a meal replacement. If you are aiming for weight loss, Elite Protein will help you watch your calories closely, increase your metabolism and build muscle mass instead of fat, thus lowering your body fat percentage and delivering the fit body you’ve always dreamed of. [/showhide]

Are Elite Protein bottles recyclable and BPA-Free?

[showhide type=”b9″ more_text= ” + ” less_text= ” – “]Definitely! Yes, the containers we use are high quality and are BPA-free. [/showhide]

Is Elite Protein safe for pregnant and lactating mothers?

[showhide type=”b11″ more_text= ” + ” less_text= ” – “]Elite Protein is made from plant-based, natural ingredients and thus, can be safely taken during pregnancy. However, PLEASE CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR FIRST BEFORE TAKING Elite Protein. Elite Protein also contains ingredients that are rich in antioxidants which can enhance your baby’s immunity too. [/showhide]

How many servings can I get from one container?

[showhide type=”b12″ more_text= ” + ” less_text= ” – “]Each bottle of Elite Protein yields approximately 14 servings. [/showhide]

How many calories are there in each serving of Elite Protein?

[showhide type=”b13″ more_text= ” + ” less_text= ” – “]Each Elite Protein serving contains 150 calories. [/showhide]

When is the ideal time to drink Elite Protein?

[showhide type=”b14″ more_text= ” + ” less_text= ” – “]Elite protein is ideal for a healthy breakfast on the go, for a refreshing post-workout protein shake and/or for healthy snacking all throughout the day. [/showhide]

When is the ideal time to drink Elite Protein?

[showhide type=”b15″ more_text= ” + ” less_text= ” – “]Elite Protein is ideal for a healthy breakfast on the go, for a refreshing post-workout protein shake and/or for healthy snacking all throughout the day. [/showhide]

How can I prepare a serving of Elite Protein?

[showhide type=”b16″ more_text= ” + ” less_text= ” – “]Preparing a serving of Elite Protein is easy.  Just add one scoop to 12oz of Almond Milk or Water.  You can also added one scoop to your favorite green smoothie (Go to for great smoothie recipes).  Don’t forget to check out the recipe eBook that comes with your Elite Protein purchase and our Green Regimen Blog for more ideas. [/showhide]

Is Elite Protein made in the USA?

[showhide type=”b17″ more_text= ” + ” less_text= ” – “]Elite Protein is 100% made in the USA. [/showhide]

Does Elite Protein contain gluten and nuts?

[showhide type=”b18″ more_text= ” + ” less_text= ” – “]Elite Protein does not have any nut or gluten content. [/showhide]

Does Elite Protein contain soy protein?

[showhide type=”b19″ more_text= ” + ” less_text= ” – “]Elite Protein is completely soy-free. [/showhide]


Where can I buy Elite Protein?

[showhide type=”faq1″ more_text= ” + ” less_text= ” – “] Elite Protein is available on amazon and you can also buy directly from our website. [/showhide]

Do you offer free shipping?

[showhide type=”faq2″ more_text= ” + ” less_text= ” – “] If you purchase from our website, we offer free shipping to all US residential addresses, with a minimum purchase of $75. You will receive your order within 5 – 8 business days. [/showhide]

Do you offer expedited shipping?

[showhide type=”faq3″ more_text= ” + ” less_text= ” – “] Yes, you can have your orders expedited. The expedited shipment fee varies depending on your location. [/showhide]

Where does the product ship from?

[showhide type=”faq4″ more_text= ” + ” less_text= ” – “] Elite Protein is shipped from the United States. [/showhide]

Can I buy Elite Protein even if I live outside of the US?

[showhide type=”faq5″ more_text= ” + ” less_text= ” – “] Yes, you can buy Elite Protein even if you are not a US resident. We ship worldwide and we welcome customers from all over the world. We believe that everybody deserves a shot at fitness and wellness. Shipping fee may vary depending on your location. You can also order through amazon. [/showhide]

Do you ship to military APO addresses?

[showhide type=”faq6″ more_text= ” + ” less_text= ” – “] Yes, we do. You’d have to choose priority mail as your shipping option when you check out though. [/showhide]

How long will it take to process and ship my order?

[showhide type=”faq7″ more_text= ” + ” less_text= ” – “] The average time it takes from making an order to receiving the product is from 5 – 8 business days for orders shipped to US residential addresses. For international orders, transit time varies. [/showhide]

Can I modify/cancel my order?

[showhide type=”faq8″ more_text= ” + ” less_text= ” – “] Yes, you can, as long as your order has not been shipped yet. Please email us IMMEDIATELY if you want to cancel or modify your order. You may be charged $0 – $50 depending on the processing stage of your order. [/showhide]

How can I track my order?

[showhide type=”faq9″ more_text= ” + ” less_text= ” – “] As soon as your order is shipped, we will provide you with your tracking number. [/showhide]

What is your return policy?

[showhide type=”faq10″ more_text= ” + ” less_text= ” – “] You can return the product for any reason within 30 days from your purchase date. [/showhide]

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