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plant based protein and protein supplement worries

So you are thinking of taking a protein supplement. Maybe you have already been taking it for a while. In that case, you are either having these thoughts right now if you’re considering getting on the protein supplement bandwagon or these might be anxieties you are already too familiar with, in case you’re a ‘chronic’ protein supplement user. Let’s discuss these to put your anxieties at rest.

  • Weight Gain from Protein Supplements

This is the biggest cause of anxiety associated with protein supplements. The majority of people who go to the gym and take protein supplements are in it for the weight loss. While it can cause weight loss, there are also cases wherein people gain more weight. But should you be alarmed? Fortunately, this is not something to be alarmed about. What you need to focus on, is your body fat percentage, instead of your weight itself. When you work out and take protein supplement at the same time, you are likely to build muscles and more muscle mass will show higher numbers in weight. For a lot of people, this is a wonderful thing – weight gain with decreasing body fat percentage. This is what elite fitness is – this is what Elite protein can do for you!


  • Body Builder Muscles

While some worry about not gaining muscles, others worry about gaining too much rock-hard muscles when taking protein supplements – even in the case of plant based protein! This is another thing that fortunately you need not worry about when you use plant-based protein such as the Green Regimen’s Elite protein. First and foremost, muscles don’t develop just because you increase your protein intake. Protein only helps develop muscle growth and protects against muscle breakdown. Therefore, getting rock-hard body builder muscles is not something automatic. You must undergo proper training to obtain those. In other words, you get what you work for. With the use of protein supplement, you can definitely gear up towards your ideal body goals!


  • Excessive Protein Supplement Intake

Is there such thing as excess protein intake? Yes, there is. As they say, too much of anything is always a bad thing. Bad things can happen to your body when you ingest an excessive amount of protein over a long period of time. It can cause your kidneys to be overworked and can even lead to dehydration. However, eating (or drinking) an excessive amount of protein is not an easy feat to achieve! You can safely consume protein up to 30 – 35% of your daily calorie intake. It will be much easier for you to measure your protein intake when you are using protein supplements such as plant based protein powders! Then you won’t have any worries about possible protein overdose!


In any case, whether you are someone who wants to achieve Optimum health, elite fitness or a body of an Olympian, taking protein supplements such as plant based protein powders is highly recommended!

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