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organic green smoothie detox

There are many reasons why people drink organic green smoothies. One of these is to detoxify the body. Aside from using green smoothies, there are also many different types of detox programs available. The main reason why most people sign up for a detox program is to lose weight.

So among the variety of detoxifying options available, why should you opt for green smoothies?

The answer is simple. Organic green smoothies can offer you multiple benefits. If you use green smoothies in your detoxifying regimen, then it’s not only about losing weight but also about achieving optimum health.


Here are 5 reasons why you should choose an organic green smoothie over other detoxifying agents:


  1. Delicious goodness

To detoxify your body, it must go through a thorough cleansing. You’d have to hydrate your body to flush the toxins out and eat lots of fruits and raw vegetables. Using organic green smoothies saves you a lot of trouble and is definitely the yummiest way to do it. You can choose from the many detoxifying fruits and vegetables to create a flavorful organic smoothie. You won’t even notice that you’re detoxifying – you can just keep enjoying your smoothie!


  1. Effortless Weight Loss

When we want weight loss, we choose to drastically reduce our calorie intake. This results in rapid weight loss but can eventually end up in a yo-yo of weight loss and gain. However, in using organic green smoothies, this is not the case. You will be healthier and with the organic ingredients inhibiting your cravings for unhealthy food, you will naturally lose your weight. You won’t have to refrain from all foods or starve yourself to achieve your ideal weight!


  1. Radiant, Ageless Beauty

This is a general effect of detoxifying, but it is especially more pronounced when you use organic green smoothies. Green smoothies will not only flush toxins out but also rejuvenates the cells in the body. You will notice clearer, fresher skin and your blemishes will be taken cared of as well. With organic green smoothies, you’d be glowing!

Not only that, but you will also notice thicker, silkier and softer hair.

Green Smoothies are also loaded with antioxidants that can slow aging.


  1. Stronger Immune System

Getting rid of toxins from your system and providing your body with organic fruits and vegetables is the best way to give your immune system a boost.  Ingredients with detoxifying benefits are also known for their immuno-boosting properties.  Excellent examples of these are Organic Spirulina and Chlorella, which are different types of algae.  Make sure you link Spirulina and Chlorella to our Ingredients page and/or another one of your blog posts.

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  1. Clearer Mind and Energy Boost

When getting rid of the bad stuff in your body you will feel lighter and more energetic. Organic fruits and vegetables have the power to enhance brain function and concentration levels. You will feel an overall sense of well-being without the toxins weighing you down. You will have more energy for physical activities that will also help you with your weight loss.


Seriously, detoxing can’t get any better than this. How quickly will you start using organic green smoothies for your body detoxification?

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