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Plant-based diet is usually dubbed as ‘vegan’ and a lot of people who have a negative stereotype about ‘vegans’ frown upon it. To be fair, there are just many things they don’t know about plant-based diet. If they only knew this, it would change their view dramatically.


How much do you know about plant-based diet?


A plant-based diet is not just a fad. Here are the top 3 things you need to know about Plant-Based Diet:

  1. It just might save the world

The world still needs saving, and plant-based diet might be the answer! Oxford University recently published a study about how three different types of diet can impact the world by 2050. A plant-based diet turns out to be the most promising. It can reduce deaths by more than 8 million annually. The plant based diet can also save tons of money, including $1067 billion per year by reducing health care costs and $570 million per year from reduced environmental damages. It can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70% – how cool is that? Clearly, plant based diet is the answer we’ve always been searching for!


  1. Whey is just NOT the right way

For many people, whey is the to-go option when it comes to protein supplements. However, a recent study confirmed that the consumption of whey on a daily basis actually inhibits insulin sensitivity. This means that by consuming two servings of whey protein per day, you can lose weight AND mess up your metabolism at the same time. A messed up metabolism, plus poor insulin sensitivity will eventually lead to lifestyle diseases. Hence, when it comes to protein supplements, go for plant based protein supplements. You get all the protein you need, plus the plant-based benefits, minus the side effects of whey.


  1. It’s not just about not having meat and dairy

People sometimes get worked up in arguments between plant and animal based diets. They fail to see the things that weigh the same. Plant based diet is not all about refraining from eating animal products. When you want to be healthy, mind the sugar and the fat you’re ingesting along with your plant-based diet. They have equal and sometimes even worse effects on your body than animal products!


Now that you know these things, your opinion about plant based diet must have changed a bit. It’s not as bad as you suspect. A plant-based diet is healthy and delicious too.


Which diet are you going to apply to your fitness regimen? For us, we’re all in for Green Regimen. Follow us on Facebook for more!

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