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PLANT-BASED PROTEIN POWDERS or WHOLE FOODS: This is a dilemma that everyone experiences right after stepping into the world of fitness-awareness. When you realize that you need protein in your body, you have to decide which protein to use – animal or plant-based protein. And it does not end there because then you have to decide how you want to obtain the amount of protein you need daily. It’s actually difficult to find the right protein source! You basically get two options – one is whole foods and the other is protein powder which you can make into shake or smoothie.

The problem is, which one should you go for?

Most of the time, when you face two choices, it’s just a matter of black and white.  Fortunately, when it comes to protein sources, the best option is in the gray area.

Studies show that it’s difficult to obtain all the protein you need if you were to rely on whole foods alone. In fact, it’s almost an impossibility! Just the mere act of chewing can actually make you feel fuller – so instead of consuming enough to obtain all the protein required by the body, people tend to eat lesser than what their intended amount.

Eating whole foods, however, can provide you with a lot of vitamins and minerals that are absent in MOST protein powders. If you already chose plant-based protein, eating the whole foods version of it will also provide you with fiber.

Now, we’re not saying that protein powders won’t provide these things. Actually, some plant-based protein powders and shakes do provide much needed vitamins and minerals as well as fiber. That’s just the thing: SOME of them do. You have to be very selective in choosing plant-based proteins. Study the label well to know what ingredients are included in your plant-based protein powder to make sure it’s not just sugared protein.

You must also choose wisely, because your body can have untoward reactions to some ingredients. The good thing about plant-based protein powders and smoothies is that you can get the protein that you need in just one gulp. It’s easy to prepare and within minutes, your body will already be bursting with protein energy!

So what we really suggest is to use both options to your advantage. Eat whole foods whenever you can, but make sure to supply your body regularly with protein through plant-based protein shakes too. Also, you have to make sure that your plant-based protein powder really got everything you need – vitamins, minerals and fiber! Choose a plant-based protein powder that you can turn into a smoothie within seconds. It will really make a huge difference when you’re so short of time but desperately need a protein rush at the same time. Having a plant-based protein powder with all these qualities will tempt you into making healthy protein smoothies at various hours of the day, supplying your body exactly with what you need.


So what is your choice? Whole foods or plant-based protein powder, or both?

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