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Plant based protein shakes are causing a stir among health buffs nowadays. For you who might be wavering between animal protein and plant based protein, we made this article just for you to ‘discourage’ you from choosing plant protein.

Let’s get to the point. Why should you avoid plant based protein?

Here’s why:

  • With plant proteins, you got no reason to grill a steak everyday

Protein is available in many forms. If you don’t want to prepare your protein in just 30 seconds and replenish your body with it in just a minute or two, plant protein is definitely NOT for you. If you’d rather grill a steak every single day to keep up with your body’s protein demands, by all means, avoid plant-based protein!


  • Plant based protein does not provide extra fat, unlike meat

Unlike plant protein, meat offers you other things such as higher level of saturated fats. If you think your blood cholesterol and blood pressure level need a boost, choose animal protein at all cost. Plant protein offers no saturated fats and it can lower blood cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure due to the fiber that is also present in various plant protein sources.


  • Plant protein is easy on the stomach

If you choose plant based protein, you’re in for easy digestion and absorption. Protein from plant sources can easily be broken down and be transported into the cells, whereas since meat takes a while to digest, it also takes some time before the protein is absorbed by the body.


  • Plant protein can pump antioxidants into your bloodstream

Antioxidants are very beneficial for the body and they are found in a variety of vegetables and superfoods. Since choosing plant protein is bound to provide you with vitamins and antioxidants as well as a variety of other nutrients, if you don’t want your body to benefit from such, avoid plant-based protein as if your life depended on it. Go for animal-based protein instead because it will NEVER provide you with antioxidants if eaten by itself.


  • Vegetables and legumes can build an invincible cardiovascular system

If your cardiovascular system is strong enough to withstand excessive amount of fat and can survive without fiber, avoid vegetables and plant based protein like the plague! Going for plant based protein will unavoidably provide you with more fiber and less fat that can significantly lower the risk of heart disease. However, if your cardiovascular system is already invincible, why bother with plant protein?


In choosing your protein source, your preferred diet also matters. After all, it’s impossible to go for animal protein when you’re determined to be a vegetarian. Keep in mind though that balance is everything. In this case, it’s much easier to get all the nutrients your body demands when you choose a vegetarian diet rather than one that consists solely of meat and dairy products. The choice is still yours. Which source of protein will you go for?

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