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healthy snacking

Does healthy snacking even exist? If it does, is it possible to maintain it? Isn’t snacking an absolute No when you’re on a weight loss diet? These are just some of the questions that this article will cover.

Healthy snacking does exist and it’s possible, and even easy to maintain it. Though most people get the idea that it’s wrong to have snacks when you’re on a diet, that belief is not entirely true. In fact, at times, healthy snacking is even ideal!

healthy snacking vs unhealthy snacking

Healthy Snacking 101

healthy snacking

Here are things that you need to know about healthy snacking:

Even when you are on a plant-based weight loss diet, you can have snacks. As long as you eat only healthy snacks between meals, you will be able to experience health benefits from it. For instance, it can regulate your blood sugar levels and you will be energized all throughout the day.

You must remember however, that you need to eat healthy snacks only when you’re hungry. There’s a HEAVY difference between bored snacking and hungry snacking. Snacking when you’re bored can cause you to gain unwanted weight and it can mess up your metabolism too. Snacking when you’re truly hungry will keep you alert and energized.

You must also snack on fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts and other nutritious food. Avoid foods and drinks that are rich in sugar at all costs. A plant-based protein smoothie is always great for healthy snacking!

Avoid snacking when you are busy. Especially when you are multi-tasking, it’s difficult to keep track of your intake. You might not notice that you’ve already gone over your limit!

Exercise self-control. Healthy snacking does not mean overeating! An apple or a banana will do to tame the growling of your stomach in between meals.

Plan and pack your snacks ahead of time. It’s easier to eat healthy when you already have healthy stuff on hand. If you’ve already prepared ahead of time, you will also lessen the probability of picking an unhealthy snack when you’re at the peak of your hunger.


Here are some snacks you might want to prepare ahead of time:

healthy snacking

  1. Almonds
  2. Green Regimen Smoothies infused with Elite protein
  3. Whole-grain crackers
  4. A cup of Fresh fruits with almond milk yogurt
  5. An apple
  6. A banana
  7. Homemade Energy bites
  8. Homemade organic brownies

Which snacks will you try first for your first day of healthy snacking?

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