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New Year Resolutions

People often feel hopeful about changes when the new year rolls in, but what should you do when new year resolutions don’t work? Sometimes it just doesn’t work. You need to want it badly enough to make it work, and often, society influences us to make resolutions because everybody else is doing it. Making changes in your life is great, but if you expect it to happen overnight, you’re in for a big disappointment.   Here is the alternative way to make the big changes towards fitness this year:


Step 1: One Day at a Time


Let tomorrow worry about itself. Don’t worry yourself to death worrying about what will happen when your New Year Resolutions don’t work. If you have a goal, say, losing weight – work on it daily. You can jot down your daily progress on a journal or even online. There are countless apps available at your fingertips. Make the most of today; do what you can do towards your goals and worry about tomorrow when it comes.



Step 2: Stay Hydrated


It is important to set a goal about your target water intake. You can carry a tumbler or a flask with you so you can keep drinking all throughout the day. Try adding slices of lemon, cucumber or fruits on your water to make it more interesting!



Step 3: Watch What You Eat


You don’t really need to go vegan all of a sudden when you’re not ready. Saying no to a bag of potato chips and a chocolate bar on a daily basis will already make a world of difference. Adding a glass or two of Green Protein Smoothie every day to your diet will yield miracles too.


Step 4: Start Moving


A sedentary lifestyle will kill you! Take a walk in the morning, do squats, do jumping jacks – whatever it is you can do, just move. It can take just 30 minutes of you time in a day but it makes an enormous difference. Your blood circulation will improve, giving you surges of energy throughout the day.


Step 5: Get Some Sleep


There are various time wasters that you unconsciously do every day. Cut back on those! Sleep at least 8 hours per night. You will have a clearer mind and you will be able to focus on your daily tasks better too.


Be aware that these steps will not shed 10 kilograms overnight using this method but you will definitely be healthier. The calories you miss on a daily basis using this method and the grams you lose everyday will eventually add up to something impressive. However, if you want to get your ideal body exactly, be prepared to work harder.

How are you going to achieve your New Year’s Resolutions this year?

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