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cardio workout plan tone upper body

Are you looking for a simple cardio workout plan to tone your upper body?

Toning your upper body is one of the basic foundation of getting fit. With a strong upper body, you can also have a lifting workout plan for overall fitness. Since toning your upper body is a must, you can even focus on it first before you focus on getting your abs!

What workouts can you do to tone your upper body?

Best Upper Body Workout Routines


cardio forkout plan for a toned upper body

  1. Barbell bench Press

    cardio workout tone upper body

This upper body workout is meant to develop your triceps, shoulders and chest. In performing his workout, first, you will have to lie back flat on a flat bench. Next, hold the bar with medium width grip and hold it straight over you. Inhale while lowering the bar to your chest until it touches the middle of your chest.

Pause for a few seconds then exhale while pushing the bar slowly up until you can lock your elbows. Squeeze your chest for a few seconds in that contracted position and pull down the bar again. Make sure your butt is flat on the bench at all times. For your reference, raising the bar takes just half of the time as lowering it. For best results, perform 3 sets with 5 reps and 90 seconds of rest between your sets. Try to work out with an instructor or an experienced mate the first few times you perform this to prevent injury.


  1. Inclined Dumbbell bench Press

    cardio workout tone upper body

This is one of the best cardio workout plan for your upper body. For this workout, you need to adjust the bench to a 30-45 degree incline. Hold a pair of dumbbells before lying on the bench. Lift the dumbbells with fully extended arms directly above your shoulder, pulling your shoulder blades together. Stick out your chest as you slowly move the dumbbells towards the sides of your chest. Keep your elbows close to your sides, pause and fully extend the dumbbells. Do 3 sets with 6 reps and 90 second rest between sets. This upper body workout develops deltoids, triceps and chest for perfectly toned upper body.


  1. Barbell Shrug

    cardio workout tone upper body

This cardio workout plan is designed to develop and strengthen the arms and forearms, and of course to tone your upper body. It is one of the simplest upper body toning exercises. Stand up straight with your feet apart, in line with your shoulders. With a pronated grip, hold your barbell with your hands apart, wider than the width of your shoulder. Raise your shoulders as far as you can to hold the contraction for a second or two. Do this while exhaling. Inhale while resuming to the previous position. Avoid using the strength of your biceps in doing this cardio workout plan.

upper body toning with cardio workout plan

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For your cardio workout plan to be more effective, you need to mind the things you eat. A plant-based diet is ideal. Check out our Complete Guide to A Plant Based Diet. Make sure that you get enough healthy protein daily too, to help develop stronger muscles and to protect existing muscles from breaking down. This can be easily achieved by drinking a glass of your favorite healthy green smoothie infused with a scoop or two of Elite Protein!





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