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new year goalsDo you know the secret on how to achieve your New Year goals for 2017? We all have been through this struggle. The start of the New Year means new health goals for most. We are all thrilled to leave the old year behind and start afresh. We automatically come up with our New Year’s resolution and New Year Goals in an attempt to make ourselves better. For the first week of the year, we tend to be filled with motivation and drive to tick our new goals off the list. However as the days progress, we get caught up with daily life and the motivation at the start of the year starts to dwindle.

So how will you work on your new year goals for 2017? What do you need to do to successfully keep your New Year’s resolution until the end of 2017?

Here are the 5 New Best Secrets on How to Achieve Your New Year Goals for 2017:

Make Measureable Goals

When you choose a goal, make sure you are able to measure it. It has to be specific and a time-frame should be included. For instance, your goal could be ‘Lose 10 kilograms before April 1st’.

A goal like this will be easier to achieve because you will be able to easily track your progress.


Set and Achieve Milestones Towards Your Goals

A fitness goal or a new year’s goal are generally not something you can achieve with a click or overnight. Set and achieve Milestones towards each of your goals. For instance, if your main goal is to lose 10 kilograms by April 1st, you can set mini-goals leading to it. Lose 3 kilograms by February 1st, another 3 kilograms by March 1st and additional 4 kilograms by April 1st could be the mini-goals that you can achieve as milestones leading you to your major goal.


Find Motivation

Motivation is the most important ‘ingredient’ in achieving your New Year goals but it’s also the most delicate. Gather as much motivation as possible and don’t ever stop. Keep surrounding yourself with things that make you feel motivated towards your fitness goal. It can be like-minded people, an upcoming event, or an ex you can’t forgive. It could also be a designer dress that’s two sizes smaller that you can only wear after you lose weight. By all means, find motivation and keep it with you until the end of the year. You can also keep an item with you that will remind you of your goals at all times.



Strengthen Your Support System

How to achieve new year goals

Support is very important in achieving your new year’s fitness goals, or any goal for that matter. When your motivation weakens, your support system will save you. Find a gym buddy or a friend who will cook healthy food with you. Find a group with the same goals as you. You will always receive workout invitations, menu suggestions and equipment recommendations. Having a good support system will ensure that you will never lose sight of your goals. Plus, it’s like an insurance system too. If you fall, there’d always be someone who will pick you up.


Surround Yourself with Positivity


You can’t allow anything negative from interfering with your progress towards your goal. If something is discouraging you, get rid of it. Follow your favorite Youtube Channel for healthy recipes and workouts. Follow US on Facebook to get inspired. Have a glass of Elite Protein daily and share it with your friends to achieve fitness together.


Green Regimen is also always here to support you. Your fitness is always our priority! No procrastination, start on your goals right NOW!

new year goals

Which New Year goals will you start working on today? Share this with your friends to convince them to work on your goals together!

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