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How will you get the entire family to spend quality time during the holidays?

Winter is here and of course the holidays – which means family time for most.

quality time during the holidays

However, with the development of technology, creating quality time during the holidays with family can prove to be a challenge. Especially in the case of teenagers, social media and screen time is like a plague. Well, to be honest, we all spend more than enough time on our phones, don’t we?

This holiday season, our mission is to get your family and significant others to spend quality time during the holidays.

Here are the 3 best secrets that we’ve tested and tried:

  1. Create Games and Activities

Games are something that everyone can take part in. It provides a chance for your family to bond closer together and it’s an excellent diversion to keep those phones and tablets away. Furthermore, it encourages everyone to be more active! Be creative! Prepare prizes our rewards to spark everyone’s competitive spirit in a good-natured way.


  1. Bring Everyone to the Kitchen

One thing that is almost synonymous with Christmas is food. And cooking, for that matter. Get everyone to participate in creating healthy, but delicious dishes. You can even create decorating contests! The little ones just love that! And who says eating together doesn’t qualify as quality time during the holidays?


  1. Craft Away

Think of a project that the entire family can participate in! It can be creating lovely hand-made cards you can send out to family and friends for the New Year’s. It could also be a scrapbook for the ending year. It will be a heartwarming way to reminisce the wonderful memories you’ve made this year too.


However way you celebrate Christmas, spending quality time during the holidays is a must. After all, it contributes a lot to the health of your family.


Spending quality time during the holidays can be as simple as sharing glass after glass of green smoothie, made even better with PhytoBLAST and Elite Protein.


How do you spend quality time during the holidays with your loved ones?

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