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The film that will get you saying What the Health (WTH) every minute.

The second part of this article series covers What the Health’s main discoveries as the film continues to find the link between diet and disease.

Kip Andersen is trying to uncover a big conspiracy. Watch the video or read below to find out more.

What The Health – Part II from Green Regimen on Youtube.
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As he continues his inquiries with the locals and different health institutions, he learned why the country’s top institutions do not give out warnings to the public. He learned that the American Diabetes Association, American Cancer Society and American Heart Association, the US leading institutions dedicated to eliminating the country’s health issues are in fact, being funded by the industries that cause the disease they seek to eliminate.

kip andersen calling american heart association what the health

Another of the major findings he found was about the unethical treatment being done to animals. Commercial animals are largely fed with GMOs. Furthermore, he also found out that people are feeding hogs with processed hog carcass. Additionally, people are dumping their liquid waste unfiltered to the nearby agricultural fields.

Here’s a summary of the unethical findings as well as the conspiracy from health organizations.

  • The egg industry funds studies that confuse consumers
  • The strategy of the meat, dairy & egg industry is to confuse the public and to introduce doubt not unlike the tobacco industry
  • American Heart Association Healthy Eating encourages eating pork and beef
  • Fish have become mercury sponges
  • People are feeding commercial animals with genetically modified corn and soy
  • Dairy products have pus
  • Susan G. Komen pink ribbons on dairy yogurt containers
  • 10 million pigs in North Carolina produce the waste equal to 100 million humans
  • People are dumping liquid pig waste into pits that leach into rivers and then sprayed unfiltered onto nearby fields
  • People are feeding processed dead hog carcass to the hogs
  • Raising animals for food is the leading cause of rainforest destruction, species extinction, ocean dead zones and fresh water consumption
  • American Diabetes Association, American Cancer Society and Susan G. Komen are corporate partners with the meat and dairy industries
  • USDA Dietary committee members have received money from animal products, sugar and alcohol industries
  • Federal (USDA) Commodity Checkoff Programs are promoting animal products
  • American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association and American Heart Association accepts millions of dollars from pharmaceutical companies

The film is doing a great job in making the world aware of this. Health organizations, which are getting paid by the food industry, are very unlikely to go against the products of their sponsors. When this film revealed how the Diabetes, Cancer and breast cancer organizations are funded by the food and drug industries, we are being alerted that these organizations are biased in the advice they give.

What does the film suggest we do now? Find out in the last part of this series.

What The Health

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