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How can plant protein help you in your journey towards elite fitness?

Getting fit is definitely not something we can do without breaking a sweat. Even if you’re one of those people who do not gain a pound no matter how many gluttonous binge-eating you do, fitness still takes time effort and a lot of sweat. After all real fitness is not just about losing weight and being skinny – it’s more about being at your optimal form as well as building and toning muscles.

However, getting fit comes with a couple of problems. Here are the top problems that you might encounter.

  1. Weight Management

You will either need to lose or gain weight to obtain fitness.

For starters if you’re on the heavier side, losing your excess weight is the greatest hurdle between you and fitness. Before you can build the muscles you’ve been dreaming of you need to shed excess fat from your system first. Diet will play a major role in this. It would be wise to go for a low calorie, low fat, high protein diet. Lowering your calorie intake is challenging, but not impossible. However, fat makes everything tastier and eliminating it from your diet will be more difficult. Since you’re aiming for a high protein diet too, it poses another challenge. Most protein sources come with lots of fat if you opt for animal protein. Hence, to solve this problem, go for plant protein. You can get all the protein you want minus the extra pounds from fat. It’s also easier to eat less when your diet consists of vegetables and legumes compared to when it’s full of meat and dairy products. In addition, the extra fiber you get from your plant protein sources will contribute to faster metabolism, which is synonymous to faster weight gain.


There are also people who are ‘too skinny’ to be considered fit. Most of them do not have eating disorders – it’s just that their metabolism is way too fast, or maybe their lifestyle is too active in proportion to their caloric intake. For them, a high calorie, high protein diet would be best. If you belong in this category, you should realize that opting for plant based protein is also your most brilliant option. It can help you gain weight with less body fat percentage and instead increase your muscle mass.


  1. Muscle Building

In order to build your muscles, you need to work out. However, no matter how much you work out, if your daily supply of protein is deficient, you won’t notice much difference in your muscle growth. You need to supply your body with the right amount of amino acids to build up your muscles. It’s true that almost everything you eat has protein content, but the big question is: Is it enough for your muscle-building needs?

How do you solve this problem?

Go for protein supplements, AKA plant based protein shakes. With it, you can be at peace knowing that you’re supplying enough amino acids to your cells to replenish those that have been broken down during your intensive work outs.


  1. Motivation

Motivation is perhaps the most challenging problem you can encounter on your journey to optimal health and fitness. It is surely there the moment you decide to work for your body goals, however, it tends to diminish as time goes by. Also, strenuous exercises that releases lactic acid will make your muscles so sore that you won’t be able to walk up and down a flight of stairs are motivation killers. You might feel like giving up after the first week or two. Some get used to these discomforts of course, but there are those who would feel like giving up.


Another thing that’s bound to pop your motivation like a bubble is not seeing results fast enough. You feel yourself burning but there are no immediate results. You are bound to ask yourself, ‘what am I killing myself for?’ and then grow discouraged.


The solution? Increase your protein intake using plant based protein supplements. You’re bound to see better results in a shorter period of time and if that can’t motivate you to keep going, we don’t know what will.


These are the top fitness problems that everyone who’s jumping into the health and fitness bandwagon experiences. We’ve already shown you our solution. What solution will you use to solve your fitness problems?


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