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Are you someone who is planning on starting a plant-based diet? This step by step guide might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

starting a plant-based diet

Nowadays people are finally getting the picture. In most cases, eating meat only brings disease and suffering. You might want to avoid the hazards of meat-eating on your health which includes heart disease, high cholesterol levels, obesity and diabetes. You might even be already suffering from these diseases. Whatever your reasons may be, opting to switch to a plant-based diet is definitely the best lifestyle choice you can possibly make. Think about it: even drinking Green Smoothies alone can fight cancer. How much more benefits can you enjoy if you change your entire diet?

Starting a Plant-based diet is not easy. How do you make the switch?

Things to Do Before Starting a Plant-Based Diet

  1. Know What You want

Starting a plant-based diet is simple as soon as you determine what you want. For instance, answer these questions. Do you want your diet to consist completely of only vegetables? Are you looking forward to a vegan diet? Do you still want to eat meat, fish and poultry as well as dairy products from time to time? The answers to these questions will determine the diet that you will follow.


  1. Learn about Your Chosen Plant-Based Diet

As you start on this new path, you will have so many questions. For instance, many people who are starting a plant-based diet often worry about their protein. For your information, you can get complete set of amino acids even when you’re on a fully plant-based diet. The trick is to mix and match your sources of protein such as brown rice, pea protein and soy protein. You can even go for 100% plant-based protein supplements. There are some which are vegan and organic, gluten-free and non-GMO which would go well with your chosen plant-based diet. Know about the benefits of plant-based diet too, so that you will feel motivated to stay plant-based.


  1. Collect Delicious Plant-Based Recipes

One misconception that people have is that plant-based diet tastes bland and unappetizing. They can’t be more wrong! Even when you’re on a strictly 100% plant-based diet, you can still enjoy savory, gourmet food! You can even make them yourself. Collect plant-based recipes and familiarize yourself with them. There are also many people who think that people who have embarked on a plant-based diet eat nothing but raw greens and green smoothies. Though green smoothies are delicious, there are many food recipes that you can make without cheating on your diet!


  1. Get Rid of Everything that is NOT Plant-based

Your pantry might still be full of supplies you don’t need for your new plant-based diet. Don’t procrastinate and get rid of them in one shot. Clear your refrigerator and pantry and allow yourself to start afresh.  If you keep the unwanted supplies longer, it will only weaken your resolve to start a plant-based diet. Fill your fridge and shelves with everything healthy and organic from now on!

  1. Find Support

Switching to a plant-based diet is a huge step. It is a lifestyle change. You are changing the entire course of your life. It’s hard enough with support, how will you manage without it? You don’t need to be alone. Find support. It would surely be easier for you if you can convince family members to join your new diet. However, doesn’t need to be someone next to you. You can subscribe to a plant-based channel on Youtube and follow a good plant-based chef or company on Facebook. You will find many useful tips that you can use to get you through the difficult initial months of your new diet.


Always remember that you can do it! You are on the right path to a better-quality, healthier life. When do you plan to start? Right NOW sounds about right.




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