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Weight loss workouts are always difficult, challenging and exhausting. We’ve all been through that struggle. If you’re looking for workouts that you can do easily that will actually do wonders to your weight loss plan, you’re in the right place.

easiest weight loss workouts

We’ve compiled the best and easiest weight loss workouts that you can do every day:

  • Swimming

Swimming is an easy weight loss workout activity that lets you burn calories without breaking a sweat – literally! It’s probably the only non-sweaty weight loss workout in the world. You will enjoy splashing around in the water and won’t feel the struggle of burning each calorie you’ve stored in your body. You will only feel the impact after the workout. Spending thirty minutes to one hour in the pool a day is enough. Furthermore, swimming does not focus on just one area but takes care of your entire body.


  • Cycling

Cycling is a great weight loss workout because it allows you to enjoy a good scenery and at the same time, feel the wind on your face as you work out. It’s a great idea to check out the popular bike trails around your area. Cycling is also a good way to de-stress and take some time to breathe fresh air! You won’t only burn calories, your lungs will be happy and you will be able to clear your mind too. Total wellness!


  • Running

Running is an excellent way to burn calories effectively. It’s one of the best cardio workout ever. Your entire body gets the ultimate fitness treatment as you run, making it an easy weight loss workout option. The only thing you need to prepare is a pair of efficient running shoes. Don’t forget that it’s more important to focus on the distance you can cover in one day than improving your speed. Your speed will naturally improve as you build endurance through continuous running.


These are our tested and proven easiest weight loss workouts. We highly recommend doing these three alternately to prevent getting burned out! Which ones will you do first?

Always remember to have a glass of green smoothie infused with high-quality plant based protein powder after each workout to replenish your energy and prevent muscle breakdown.

If you want to learn how to establish and maintain a regular fitness workout routine, check out our post here.

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