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best yoga poses to relieve back pain

Are you searching for the best yoga poses to fuel your quest for fitness and optimal health? This article just maybe exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Yoga has been around for centuries but its benefits have failed to wane over the years. If you’re looking for a way to correct a bad posture, a method to strengthen your back and relieve back pain, the solution to strength training your core muscles and most especially an alternative method to losing weight, yoga must be the answer that you seek.

Though the best yoga poses might seem daunting at first glance, there are various yoga poses that you can practice every day that can make a significant difference in your body and in your life. When you start delving into the art of yoga, don’t expect to be able to perform the spine-defying backbends and headstands right away! As you start doing yoga poses, it can at least provide you with useful lower spine stretches to relieve back pain.

Easy Everyday Yoga Poses To Do At Home To Relieve Back Pain

  • Standing Side Bend

best yoga poses to relieve back pain

This is an easy-enough yoga pose for yoga therapy at home. It stretches your lower back muscles and provides excellent relief for lower-back pain. The Standing side bend de-compresses the spine and loosens strained back muscles that causes tightness.


To do this easy yoga pose, stand tall and straight with your feet together. Extend both arms overhead as you inhale. Exhale while slowly lowering your right arm towards your body. Extend your left arm over your head so that your body bends to the right. Move back both arms straight overhead as you inhale and repeat the process for the left side of your body. Simple, right?


  • Downward Dog

best yoga poses to relieve back pain

This is another basic yoga pose that stretches the entire length of your body from your back, to your calves and hamstrings and even your Achilles!


Start this yoga stretch by kneeling on your mat with your hands positioned directly under your shoulders. Make sure your fingers are spread wide. Push your body up until only your hands and feet are touching the mat. While pressing through your hands, move your chest towards your thighs and push your heels back until it presses flat on the floor.


  • Cat

best yoga poses to relieve back pain

The cat pose serves to relieve back pain and tightness and helps you obtain a flexible spine.

Begin this pose by being on your hands and knees. Your hands should be directly under your shoulders and your knees should be directly under your hips. Maintain your spine in a neutral position before slowly tucking your tailbone in and lowering your head so your spine creates a roundish shape.

Bring your naval up to your spine and hold the stretch, breathing deeply.


These are just three of the most basic and common yoga stretching poses that are useful in maintaining a flexible spine and relieving back pain. Even if you are not suffering from lower back pain, these stretches are still deemed useful especially before starting any yoga session.


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Also, don’t forget to down a glass of healthy green smoothie with a scoop of Elite Protein after every workout! You will feel more energized with a protein surge after all those yoga poses!

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