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arm exercises

Arm fat is a terrible thing and arm exercises are the only things you can do to get rid of it. Imagine that fat, loosening the skin of your upper arms and making it flap this way and that! Horrible! You just want to wear loose-fitting clothes and hide your arms away forever! Often, upper arm fat is the most stubborn! Sometimes, even when you go on a diet and exercise regularly, your upper arms can still feel flabby.

Fortunately, there are arm exercises you can do that can help you lose arm fat from home to get those slim arms fast! Well-toned arms will leave you wanting to flaunt them without hesitation.

Simple Exercises for Upper Arm Fat Reduction

Plank to Push-Up

arm exercises to lose arm fat fast

This exercise focuses on your shoulders and triceps as well as your back and chest. Perfect! It’s quite easy. First, position yourself in a plank, with your elbows in line with your shoulders. Move to a push-up position by moving one hand under each shoulder. Alternate arms and Make sure your back remains straight, with your belly tight. This arm exercise will tone your arms in no time!


Skull Crushers

arm exercises to lose arm fat fast

This is an arm exercise that focuses on your triceps. Toning your triceps will help you get slim arms fast. You will need dumbbells and a flat bench for this exercise. First, lie on your back on the bench and hold the dumbbells straight above your chest. Keep your upper arms straight and bend your elbows towards your head, bringing the dumbbells down. Straighten your arms again and repeat the first step.


Barbell Biceps Curl

arm exercises to lose arm fat fast

This is an arm exercise that targets the biceps. You will need a barbell for this one. In doing this arm fat reduction exercise, first stand with your feet apart. Your feet should be directly under your shoulders. Take barbell with both hands and curl your arms towards your chest. Keeping your elbows close to your body, lower the bar until your arms are straight. Bring it up again to your chest and repeat the same movement.


Take note that in order to get rid of arm fat, you will need to lose some weight first. Try to do some cardio exercises that can benefit your entire body. Lower your calorie intake and switch to a plant-based diet for better results. For best results, have a glass of Elite Protein post workout for better muscle development.

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