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Health Benefits of Avocado

The health benefits of avocado goes beyond its thick, rough exterior. If you think an avocado is unattractive and unappetizing, you’re might realize that you’re completely mistaken after reading this article.

Avocados can sometimes be green, but they are mostly purple. The color of its skin does not really matter, it’s the inside that counts! There are avocado varieties that stays green even after becoming fully ripened. Most avocados are green when unripe and slowly turns purple. Unripe avocados are hard! When you hold it and press it with your thumb it does not give in at all. Ripe avocados slightly give in to pressure.

Make sure to pick hard or slightly soft ones rather than extremely soft avocados. If the avocado is extremely soft, it’s most likely overripe. Though you’d still be able to use it in a smoothie or salad or some other recipes, the quality will be slightly reduced than the perfectly ripe ones. For the harder ones, you can just wait until it ripens!

Aside from its rich, creamy taste and consistency, what else can you get from Avocados?


The Health Benefits of Avocado

Health Benefits of Avocado

Works Better Than Love

Love can break your heart at times, but avocado is good for the heart! It contains a whole lot of monounsaturated fats and works to lower the cholesterol level in the blood. Don’t be alarmed when you hear that it contains A LOT of monounsaturated FATS. The keyword here is monounsaturated – the kind of fat that is beneficial to our bodies and heart health.

Weight Loss Advocate

Health Benefits of Avocado

Do you want to lose weight fast? One of the health benefits of avocado is helping you lose fat. It contains a slightly higher level of calories than other fruits but it’s extremely filling and can help you regulate your appetite. This is the reason why an avocado breakfast toast is enough to get you through most mornings! The calories it has will keep you going, but unlike other calorie sources, avocados offer so much more. It contains more than 20 minerals as well as vitamins! Aside from that, the avocado is also loaded with antioxidants to fight aging and cancer.


Feel Good, Look Good

Health Benefits of Avocado

Some other health benefits of avocado include healthier skin, hair and nails. One of the benefits of eating avocado daily is brighter, glowing skin. It has to do with the Vitamin E that is abundant in the avocado. Did you know that avocado oil can also be used for beauty purposes? The benefits of avocado oil has been proven aesthetically. It has anti-aging properties, so you can commonly see beauty products containing avocado oil these days. We think that nothing beats eating avocado often though!

If you still think that avocados are ugly and are therefore unpalatable, think again! We can only say: don’t judge avocados by their outside appearance!’.

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