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The decision to raise vegan kids is a tough choice to make in the beginning. Once your child decides he or she will go vegan, questions will come popping up. Will my child receive the necessary nutrition needed for his/her growth? The short answer is yes, with proper knowledge and preparation.


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The health of Vegan kids

The main concern with kids starting a vegan diet in early childhood is nutritional deficiency. Parents therefore need to be informed otherwise you will be risking calcium, vitamin D, iron and possibly vitamin B12 deficiency.

Knowing the essential benefits of each plant food is key to keeping your child healthy and strong while growing up. Raising vegan kids or adolescents does not stunt growth, and has health benefits, since vegetarian diets are higher in fruits, vegetables and fiber, and lower in cholesterol than the usual American diet.

Nutritional food sources for your vegan kids


Best Vegan Protein Sources When You’re on a Plant-based Diet


To prevent the risk of nutritional inadequacy, parents should be familiar with following food groups for their child’s nutrition. These foods are able to provide your child with the necessary nutritional requirements required for growing up. Encourage your vegan kids to eat more of these foods to ensure they get enough of those nutrients:

  • Beans (protein and iron)
  • Nuts (protein and essential fatty acids)
  • Pumpkin seeds (protein and iron)
  • Sunflower seeds (protein and zinc)
  • Elite Protein Plant-based Powder (complete plant-based protein)
  • Fortified breads and cereals (for vitamin B12)
  • Spinach (for iron)
  • Non-dairy milks (for calcium)


Preparing meals for your vegan kids


Preparing meal for vegan kids


Preparing vegan meals has never been this easy. There are lots of healthy vegan recipes that your family will definitely enjoy. You don’t need to be preparing different meals for different family members. Here are some of Green Regimen’s Vegan Certified recipes that you can prepare easily.

  1. Vegan Curry with Chickpea
  2. Vegan Sushi Roll
  3. Elite Fruity Chocolate Organic Waffles Recipe with Vanilla Syrup
  4. Protein-Rich Chewy Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies
  5. Best Creamy and Chocolaty Vegan Avocado Ice Cream
  6. One-Pot Spaghetti alla Puttanesca

So, the answer to the question is YES. It is okay to raise vegan children. In our journey to optimal health, everyone should always be supportive with one another and help each other to reach the ultimate goal. Parents are no exceptions when their vegan children would want to participate. But as parents, we should always be willing to guide our children. Being knowledgeable about a plant-based diet will always provide greater benefits than risks.


Do you have a vegan kid? How did you deal with him/her? Leave us your comments below.

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